The Bebras Computing Challenge is available thanks to the help of the following organizations:

Picture Eljakim IT is a company in Utrecht, The Netherlands, that develops software for government and non-profit organizations in education, health and welfare. The competition’s infrastructure is provided by Eljakim IT.

Logic Plus is dedicated to improving the uptake of Computer Science and Programming in high schools within New Zealand.

Picture 123Tech is a New Zealand wide Digital Challenge available to all NZ school students tasking them with developing their own digital technology solutions to problems they identify in their local communities. The Challenge is aligned with the NZ Digital Technology curriculum and as such provides teachers with resources to run the challenge in classrooms.

Picture The University of Canterbury offers qualifications including Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Mechatronics and Computer Engineering. The UC Computer Science Education research group passionately supports Digital Technologies by developing teaching resources and running PD events.