Yulia Zdanovska Award

In 2015, Yulia was the winner of the Ukrainian Bebras contest, amongst other achievements. In 2017 she was a member of the top team in the Eurpoean Girls’ Olympiad in Mathematics. On March 3 2022, Yulia was killed, at age 21, during a Russian missile strike on residential areas of Kharkiv.
In New Zealand Bebras started about a week later. In honour of her, it was decided to award the top Senior student(s) a prize of $200, to be divided equally in the case of a tie. This award will continue for 3 years.
The prize money was donated by 2 sponsors: The Computer Science Department, Canterbury University and the New Zealand Olympiad in Informatics. New Zealand Olympiad in Informatics Previously in New Zealand, Bebras has emphasised participation rather than top scores.

Top Senior Students 2022 and winners of the Yulia Zdanovska Award

Dylan Shearer, Takapuna Grammar School

Dylan Shearer, Takapuna Grammar School

Brian Zhang, Scots College